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Reminder: Registration Due Date Today (Mon Nov 20) for the upcoming Women's Practice

Dear Kendo Community,

Kendo Ontario is pleased to announce the 2nd dedicated Kendo Seminar for Women in 2023! We received very positive feedback from the earlier practice held in June and Kendo Ontario wishes to continue to support the growth and development of Women’s Kendo in Ontario. This special practice will be led by Yuko Miyamoto Sensei and supported by Bora Choi Sensei, Mami Ito Sensei and Hitomi Soso Sensei and held at the Etobicoke Olympium on Sunday November 26 from 10am-12pm. All women players (in bogu) are encouraged to come out and participate in the event.

We extend a special invitation to girls, teenagers and younger women!! This is an excellent opportunity to visualize Women’s Kendo as well as receive guidance and support from the experienced Kendo Women community.

All participants are also welcome to join an optional lunch get-together after the practice.

We ask that participants register in advance by Monday November 20, 2023 EOD (end of day). Please see below for details.

Date: Sunday November 26, 2023

Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Site: Etobicoke Olympium

590 Rathburn Road, Etobicoke, ON M9C 3T3

Fee: No Charge for Seminar.

Lunch to be covered by each individual.

Registration: Please complete the google form at:

Due Date: Monday November 20, 2023

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