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Join JCCC Kendo

Starting Kendo:


Beginners join our ‘non-bogu’ (non-armoured) classes on Sunday mornings @ 9-10am and/or Wednesday evenings @ 7-8pm.  At ‘Non-bogu’ classes, students learn the basic etiquette and physical movements of Kendo.  Beginners can start in a T-shirt and track pants / shorts and borrow a ‘shinai’ (bamboo sword) from the club before they decide to purchase their own ‘shinai’ and ‘keiko-gi’ and ‘hakama’ (traditional Kendo wear).


Graduating from ‘non-bogu’ to ‘bogu’ represents the single, biggest challenge for students wishing to advance in Kendo.  Hence, we encourage beginners to partake in non-bogu classes for as long as possible to develop and strengthen their fundamentals before transitioning to ‘bogu’.  At JCCC Kendo club, in general, we have the entire ‘experienced’ non-bogu group graduate into bogu together as a group at one time in the year.


At this point, non-bogu members are required to purchase their own Kendo ‘bogu’.


Invitation to Beginners:


If you are interested in joining, we suggest you visit us and watch both our ‘non-bogu’ and ‘bogu’ practices (Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings are recommended).  The ‘dojo’ is designed so that classes are fully visible to visitors.   Instructors and members are also available to answer questions before you make the decision to register.

Experienced Kendo Players (with Bogu):


Experienced Kendo players (with bogu) looking to join the JCCC Kendo Club are welcome to join.  Please send an email with your name, rank and former club to



Unlike other Kendo clubs that rent space and operate independently from their facilities, the JCCC Kendo is fully integrated with the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC).  Members register directly with the JCCC. 


For registration related information, please go to:  Starting Martial Arts | Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (


Please be aware of registration due dates.  Currently, members pre-pay for 3-month terms that generally start in January, April, July and October.



Note: In addition to registration fees paid directly to the JCCC, the JCCC Kendo Club collects an annual club fee to help cover club events and related expenses.

Practice Schedule:



  •        8:45am – 10am                   Non-Bogu

  •        10:15am – 12:15pm           Bogu (drills, lessons, ‘keiko’)



  •        7:30pm – 9:00pm               Bogu (advanced ‘keiko’)



  •        6:45pm – 8:00pm               Non-Bogu

  •        8:15 – 9:45pm                     Bogu (drills, lessons, ‘keiko’)



  •        7:00pm – 9:00pm               Non-Bogu (preparing for ‘bogu’)  @ alternate Fridays

Bogu (Advanced Competitive Training) @ alternate Fridays


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