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General Schedule of Events for Nov – Jan 2023:


  1. FRI NOV 25: Advanced Competitive / Team Canada Prep Practices (bogu) @ 7pm

  1. FRI DEC 2: Special Non-Bogu Jr “Fun’ Tournament @ 7-8:30pm

  • All non-bogu juniors are invited to join

  • We also require bogu members to help with the event

  1. FRI DEC 9: Advanced Competitive / Team Canada Prep Practices (bogu) @ 7pm

  1. FRI DEC 16: TBC

  1. SUN DEC 18: Year End Club Tournament and Lunch

  • Similar to our Term End ‘Club’ Tournament held last July, we will host a ‘Club only’ informal and fun tournament for all members

  • Select non-bogu members will be able to compete in bogu alongside bogu members in an informal Team Match

  • Tournament will be followed by lunch (format to be announced shortly)

  • General Schedule:

  • 9-10am: Set up Courts and Tables for Tournament. Teach non-bogu members on how to administer a Tournament.

  • 10-12pm: Team Match Tournament

  • 12-1:30pm: Lunch. Members are invited to bring family members.

  1. WED DEC 21: Final Regular Practice @ 2022

  • The JCCC will be closed from Dec 23, 2022 – Jan 2, 2023


  1. WED JAN 4: First Regular Practice @ 2023

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