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JCCC Kendo - 1. Wed (Weather Watch) 2. Fri (Advanced Non-Bogu Class)

Quick Announcements:

  1. WED JAN 25 – Weather Watch:

· Heavy snowfall is forecasted for Wednesday (tomorrow)

· In general, we do not cancel practices unless there is a combination of unsafe travel, snowfall over 10cm and the JCCC building is closed.

· If we decide to cancel, an email will be sent by 1pm tomorrow. Please check your email before departing for practice tomorrow.

  1. FRI JAN 27 – Advanced Non-Bogu Class @ 7-8:30pm

  • Confirming that the 2nd Advanced Non-Bogu Class will be held this Friday

  • The class is geared towards preparing the current advanced non-bogu group (members that started classes in 2022) to transition to bogu

  • If you have purchased or acquired bogu already, please bring to class (even if you do not know how to use it)


  • These Advanced NonBogu Classes will be held every other Friday night (Fri Jan 27, Fri Feb 10, 24, etc.)

  • The alternative Fridays are reserved for Kendo Ontario’s Advanced Competitive Training practices (Fri Jan 20, Feb 3, Feb 17)

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